I’ve been so impressed as I’ve gotten to know more folks who run small presses and little magazines (not a derogatory term, by the way; some of them are just literally very small!) and the way that so many folks have gotten to have their work read even when it is outside the traditional structures of genre has been astounding. I have heard folks talk about online-only as being less prestigious than print magazines and all I have to say is: the reason we love writing, I hope, is because we get readers, and we feel understood and they feel understood when they read our work. Online magazines, the many many out there, make it more possible to find your audience than ever before, and fulfill your dreams.

Magazines that have impressed me recently: potluckmag.org (not just b/c my poems are on there, I promise!), NEAT http://neatmag.wordpress.com/issues/, and http://hotmetalbridge.org/ (even though it is more well-known).

Show some love: What magazines have you been perusing lately?